Accounted 4 Bookkeeping Services - *** SPECIALISING IN QUICKBOOKS ***
* This new legislation is NOT applicable to "employee" bookkeepers *
From 1 March 2010, new legislation has been introduced in Australia for bookkeepers.
Anyone charging a fee to perform bookkeeping services - now deemed "BAS Services" by the new Tax Practitioners Board - is required to apply to the board for regsistration as a "BAS Agent" (or "Tax Agent" depending on the services they offer.)
Specific criteria must now be met in order for this registration to be approved.
There is an initial "Transitional" period in place, allowing applicants time to meet the necessary academic qualification(s) and/or experience.
Not only are there severe penalties for bookkeepers who continue unregistered, but YOU as the client have no safeguard against any errors they may make! 
For more details, go to the new Tax Practitioners Board website at:
UPDATE (April 2010)
I have now received formal acknowledgement & certification from TPB of my confirmed status as a
legally registered BAS Agent.
A list of currently registered BAS/Tax Agents is available online at:
Is YOUR bookkeeper on it ....?